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External cooperation
Staff Members
Staff members composition

The academic staff members have a long and distinguished experience in teaching, research, professional society involvement and practitioner experience.


Academic staff contributing to the Bachelor Programmes in Electrical Engineering, broken down by employment category and position type is listed in the next table. Data given for non-academic staff are total numbers of this type of employees for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. They contribute to all four bachelor programmes.

Non-Academic Staff
  Position   Full Time Affiliates   Part Time Affiliates (Visiting)   Total Number of Employees 
 Administrative  13 13 
 TOTAL 28 28 

The degrees of the teaching staff are in the areas relevant for the curricula: mainly in electrical engineering – electrical power engineering, computer science, or mathematics. The core curriculum is the responsibility of full-time teaching staff members with expertise in the relevant field. There is more information about the members of teaching staff in the Staff handbook annexed to this Report. It is important to mention that all of the members of teaching staff have been selected and approved based on the strict procedures specified by the several legal documents including Canton Sarajevo Law on Higher Education, and two Statutes of the University of Sarajevo and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. These procedures comprise of the public announcement for the teaching positions available and finally with the approval of the Senate of the University of Sarajevo of the result of final selection and teaching position granted.

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