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    Organizational Structure
    Educational sector
    Scientific and research sector
External cooperation
Staff Members
Educational sector

Educational sector is organizationally structured from four departments (or engineering disciplines):

-Department for Automatic Control and Electronics;

-Department for Computing and Informatics;

-Department for Power Electrical Engineering;

-Department for Telecommunication.


The ETF Sarajevo is governed by the Dean with his deputies (Vice-Deans) and heads of Departments constituting Management board, and the Faculty Council. The permanent members of the Faculty Council are professors, associate professors and assistant professors in full time employment with the ETF Sarajevo. Contracted part time teaching staff is allowed to attend the meetings but without voting rights. The elected representative of assistants, researchers and students, without voting right, is also the members of the Faculty Council. Faculty Council convenes monthly and is chaired by the Dean.


Having this elected representative of the teaching assistants and students in the full membership of the Faculty Council, we have introduced the governance structure which guaranties that students and all staff members are participating in major decisions affecting the ETF Sarajevo.

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