Obnova godine i gubitak statusa

| Enrollment and admission

By decision of the Senate of the University of Sarajevo number 01-13-97/22 dated 09/28/2022. regular students when enrolling in the academic year 2022/2023. can renew the same study year and keep the status full-time student financed from the budget.

If a full-time student enrolls in the academic year 2022/2023. renews the same study for the second time year, loses the status of full-time student financed from the budget and changes status to full-time a student who finances his own studies.

Full-time self-financing students who have passed all exams in a given academic year year and have achieved an average grade of at least 8.00 and are enrolling in the higher study year for the first time academic year 2022/2023. year, tuition fees for continuing studies on that cycle are waived studies, in accordance with the provisions of the current Statute.