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Department of automation and electronics

Department of automation and electronics

Activities of the Department of automation and electronics

In addition to education, the Department of automation and electronics has additional activities in the areas of:

Mathematical modeling for automation and process control (technological processes, business and investment activities, implementation)

Methods of multicriteria selection of alternatives (in design, production programs, marketing strategies)

Application of optimization methodologies (in technical calculations, control of technological processes, control of resources, traffic control)

Robots, robotic systems and robotization of data processes, measurement, monitoring and control systems

Analog and digital electronic systems and devices Power electronics Logical design

Automatic control systems (for technological processes, discrete processes) Intelligent control

Electronics with special applications and

Data acquisition, measurement, monitoring and control of the system


Department of automation and electronics

The Department of Automation and Electronics provides top-notch education in the field of theory, structure and design of automatic process control systems, control and protection systems in the power industry, and electronic structures and systems. Special emphasis is placed on considering electronic components and analog and digital integrated circuits. A deep understanding of computer organization structures, software and knowledge of electronics also enable engineers who complete their studies at this Department to synthesize all electronically based structures and systems, design computer systems and applications in real time or off-line.





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